The Bump In

Bump in day has arrived. The set is ready to assemble and the lighting and audio crew is ready to work their magic. How do we get it all to happen smoothly? The secret is planning and having one person in charge of the process. This is where a production manager comes in very handy. The production manager would have before sat down with each department and discussed with them what their requirement were in regards to bumping in. The production will then collate all of this information and then work out a schedule for the bump in day or days. Most companies only get one day and in that time the set needs to go up, the lighting rigged and focused and audio gear installed.

Bump In @The Arts, West End

Bump In @The Arts, West End

So let us take a look at a simple show that needs a box set, 2 colour wash and a few specials to be rigged and some effects speakers to be installed. So who goes first? Some would say put up the set then the lighting department know where to point their lights. The only problem with this is the fact with a set in the way it might be hard to rig and focus lights. Well the Production Manager will probable get some to mark out the set on stage as the lighting crew start to rig lights. I myself prefer to start up stage and work downstage with the lighting and then have the rest follow in the same sequence. Again it boils down to the production manager to make a schedule and be there to make it happen and to be able to amend and adjust if and when needed.

So what is your preferred method of bumping in? Remember as long as it works and is safe there is no wrong way.


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