Silly Season Solutions

It is that time of the year were community venues are busy with a whole range of end of year concerts and presentations. This naturally can place a huge strain on the venue and the staff. so are there any shorts that can be taken to make it all happen more smoothly. It is important to make all these events that are often back to back run smoothly. Planning is one of the key elements of making it run smoothly the venue needs to schedule the clients in such a way that it does not put to much strain of the staff during turn overs.The venue also needs to make sure the client is organised as well.

Another trick is for the venue to have a versatile lighting and audio set up that will cope with all of the productions that are likely to happen. There is often not enough for complete re-rigs in these venues so a versatile generic rig is often the best solution. This will often consist of a series of colour washes that can be controlled by area, and a series of specials that will usually cover the performance areas. Therefore hopefully being useful for 99% of the events. Audio set up needs to consist of multiple inputs for CD’s etc and radio mics. Therefore no cables to be run. Try and look ahead through the bookings and see what can be used by several clients in a row.

A major consideration during the silly season is the maintenance for all of the equipment being used. You need to factor this in when booking are made, now this is not always  an easy task when bookings are made months in advance. What ideally should happen is a buffer zone of time to be allowed around events to give time for maintenance and possible re-rigging. It should also be made known to the client that any chances to the standard that they need  should happen in their booking time and that they also need to allow time for to be reset in their bookings.

It is a good idea to sit down with the client several weeks out from their booking and work through what they require and how it is going to be achieved. It is here that you may come up with simple solutions to achieve the outcome that they require. You also need to let the client know that changes on the day are just not on. Changes cost time and money and can potentially affect clients further down the chain.

so make sure the venue states what it can and cannot do, make sure all staff are on the same page. Communicate to the client this and make sure that they understand this. All staff need to be made aware of the schedule in plenty of time so that they can prepare. The venue needs to have spare equipment and consumables on hand to cope with the extra stress. People will need to work like a close knit team, everybody needs to be on board and consulted. good ideas can come from consultation, therefore team meeting are a great idea.

So plan ahead to enjoy thr silly season and your clients will enjoy.


One thought on “Silly Season Solutions

  1. We loved the venue. The theatre has character, however we had a lot of problems with the venue itself. The venue needs a good bath. It is extremely dirty. The stage is in terrible shape and so is the flooring. Also, the men’s bathroom has a “glory hole” in it. The stairs were falling apart and actually broke while we were there. My mom ducked taped it back together because neither the employees/owner seemed to care. The provided deejay service was horrible. We hired a band to play the wedding and during a set break the deejay started up and after one song the speakers over heated and shut off. Thankfully the band was able to start right away. The theatre had told us previously that we would be able to come get our decorations the next day but at 11pm we were told we had to be out by 11:30pm that night. This had never been previously discussed. We loved the venue but everything considered would not use again. The concept of the venue is great but needs a new owner/management. It is poorly ran and maintained.

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