Repairs or fun for all

Often things need to be repaired, but have you ever wondered how good the repairs are done. Well I have seen a few prime examples one of which did potentially present an occupational health and safety risk. Another actually limited the functionality of a lighting console.

When you or someone else is repairing an item it is a good idea to check that it is all there or it is safe as was before hand. It is not good if at the end of the repair process you have a few bits left over. Now this can happen if you are not a tidy worker. Some people manage to spread a repair job all over the workspace. Then if they get interrupted the bits and pieces might get moved or miss-placed.Organisation is the key to good work. Below are a couple of examples this first one is a MAXIM lighting console that was supposedly repaired by the manufacturer of the console. As you will notice in the image there is a circuit board with no cables running to it.

Wide shot of desk interior

circuit board in question

Obviously no quality control happened for this repair. The fault with the MAXIM was that it output random DMX with no faders up, the worst part it output in random 1970’s disco effect. This cable missing was found after the desk played up for the forth time, so we decided to open it up ourselves. We did not find what was wrong but we found this. The desk is now behaving itself for the moment.

The other was that I will show involves a repair of a stair case so Occupational health and safety are involved. As you will see from the first picture the bottom step is missing. It was broken the night before and it was deemed not that important to be repaired straight away, even people had to access the platform that the steps lead up to. They were only lighting and audio operators.

Missing bottom step

Now it the next two pictures you will first of all notice how thin the treads were, I remember them bending every time I climbed them. If you look carefully at the second image you will notice that the step had been repaired by joining the 2 broken bits of the tread with a piece of timber underneath. Not a satisfactory repair. The timber in the tread had already been stressed by one breakage, and also if you look at the construction of the staircase it is not really satisfactory. I know it would never be allowed in most venues.

Repaired stairs

Repaired tread

Repairs should not be dodgy or incomplete. So we need to keep an eye on what happens to our gear, which of course should not really have to be the case. Unfortunately quality control seems to have gone out the door. But if we are vigilant and report these dodgy repairs maybe things will improves.


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