Jands Stage CL Leads The Way In Simple LED Control

Jands recently released a new lighting console at the recent PLASA trade show in London. The lads at Jands are watching and listening to what is happening out there and this is the result, a desk design specifically to work with LED fixtures. There are more and more places out there using LED fixtures and Jands reconised the need for a controller just for this market.

to quote Jands website:

Jands have created a console designed specifically for LED fixtures. The Stage CL provides twelve direct fixture control channels, powerful yet simple storing and a touch-screen interface, all packaged in compact and elegant chassis you can carry in one hand.

CEO Paul Mulholland said “LED fixtures are rapidly becoming popular as a cost-effective and flexible lighting solution, but until now there hasn’t been a console that gives you simple direct control of their colour and intensity. We saw that there was a whole group of people who would benefit hugely from the ability to harness the true power of their LED fixtures, that’s what the Stage CL is all about.”

Designed with smaller venues and operators in mind, the Stage CL is ideal for rental applications, audio-visual suppliers, clubs and other venues, karaoke bars, retail spaces and houses of worship.

As well as providing the features to get the most out of what LED lights offer, the Stage CL is designed for the novice user.

“We understand that lots of the places that use LEDs don’t have a dedicated ‘lighting guy’,” says Mulholland, “and the Stage CL is designed to be so easy to use that people with little or no knowledge of lighting can create an impressive visual impact.”

To give this freedom, each of the Stage CL’s twelve “channels” has a Saturation encoder and a Hue encoder that you can adjust to set the colour you want—as you turn the dials, a mimic LED on the channel shows the colour you’re creating. If you need to speed things up you can group any number of channels together and use just one set of controls to set the colour for all of them.

“One thing that inexperienced users often find difficult is storing,” says Mulholland, “so we’ve given the Stage CL a ‘one-press’ recording system. To record you just press the Record button, then press where you want to save it. All in all, it’s about as simple as it’s possible to make it.

“The Stage CL represents an entirely new level of sophistication for smaller venues and low-cost lighting applications,” says Mulholland, “we’re pretty confident that people who use LED fixtures will see its potential immediately.”

As you can read this is the ideal console for LED’s where you do not need to control anything else. There is often no point in having a console that does 5 times more than you need.  Well done Jands for reconising a market need.


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