Tubular Bells for Two

Well I saw these guys at Assembly during the Edinburgh Fringe 2012. The preimse fo this show is two guys play Mike Oldfield’s landmark album “Tubular Bells”. This equates to a lots of instruments(around 20) eating up the stage space and just Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts to play them singularly or several at a time. These are two talent multi- instrumentalists that carry off the task of presenting this album in a brilliant stunning theatrical event. The physicality of what they do on stage is amazing. You need to be fit to do what these guys do on stage. They are constantly in motion moving from one instrument to another, from one side to another.

So how does it sound?

Wonderful, it is a great interpretation of what still is an iconic album. These guys play all the instruments extremely well. But that is not the stand out feature to me, what stands out is the fact they have worked out how to play all parts. The rehearsal process they must have gone through must have been phenomenal. You can tell they were fans of Mike Oldfield. There is a love in the way they play each instrument. Every move they make on stage has been thought out, whether it is setting pre-sets on keyboards, or adjusting effect pedals or just changing instruments. These guys are slick. Also the guys behind the audio console has a very important task. With 2o instruments on stage and the guys swapping, the mix was really smooth.  I believe the front of PA was d& b and it did sound very nice and tight. The were a few strange frequencies but was more likely from the venue. The audio was not to loud or too soft. In fact it was very sweet sounding and all instrument come through in the mix. You could clearly hear the varying intonations on all instruments, especially the acoustic guitars, so clean and natural.

so if these guys are ever in your neck of the woods I suggest getting the wallet out and buying tickets. They are well worth the price of admission.

Well done guys.


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