3 millionth Source Four

Will ETC have reached a milestone with their Source Four product range. This being the 20th anniversary of the release of the Source Four range it also coincides with the release of the 3 millionth Source Four.This brand,Source Four Profile, Source Four PAR washlight, Source Four Fresnel,  Source Four Zoom, Source Four Revolution mover, Source Four PARNel, a Source Four Jr Profile, the Source Four HID spotlight, Source Four MultiPar striplight and a Source Four XT outdoor spotlight.

The original source was introduced to the world at the 1992 LDI trade show and went on to win many awards. It has become a favourite lighting instrument in many venues and also by lighting designers.

So what is next for the Source Four? Well they have released the LED version of thier profile. This was a much anticipated release. This is going to be the future of lighting within the theatre industry. From all accounts it has the versatility of being able easily choose a colour, gobos will last for ever. The power saving for venues will be very good. The long life of the LED engine is also an important factor. None of this blown lamp and having to get the technician in to not only change the bubble but also refocus the fixture. None of the replacing of burnt out gels during a run. The saving will add up.

So here’s to looking forward to the next 20 years of ETC and the future of Source Four’s.


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