Edinburgh Fringe 2012

Well I have been here for a couple of weeks with dodgy internet, so have not been able to post much. So far it has all gone well. I am working on two productions, one at the Queen’s Dome at Pleasance and one at C venues. It is certainly a lot more different to what we are use to in Australia. They seems to be a lot of support for the Fringe.

Now the venues are very interesting and there is different levels of support from the venues. At one venue I had around me about 5 venue staff, 2 helping to program the lighting desk and others available for any other tasks that we needed help with. Where as at the other venue I had one venue tech, who had only the very basic skills, like how to record a cue and how to save the show file on the lighting desk. I am so glad that I had read up on the lighting desk before I got there. So was have an abundance of techs useful? Not really, they made a lot of noise while we were trying to plot,as the venue was not really fully ready for use. So we had to put up with a lot of noise as they continued. Also the lighting board programmers did not fully understand the desk, so they were often asking their boss for help. The other venue that is offering the very basic help is pretty ok. The real thing that I notice is the willingness to help. This not only applies to the venues but every where we go. The people of Edinburgh are always willing to help, they give great service – whether they are a bus driver, taxi driver, theatre tech or a shop assistant. We could learn a lot from this. They may not be paid as much as we do get in Australia but the service is better.

So at the moment I am enjoying myself and I can now post more stuff, and with pictures. So keep your eye here for more stuff on the Edinburgh Fringe.


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