This may be the dimmer for you -JANDS HPC series

How often when doing a show have you wanted to control a motor or a strobe and you have ended up using a powerpoint to control it manually.Well with the HPC series of dimmers from Jands that is a thing of the past.These dimmers from the Australian company Jands have a great feature that is going to help a lot. The dimmers in question can act as a true switch. They have bypass relay switches so the power will either go through a switch or through the dimmer circuit. Jands have gone and done this feature properly, it is a true air-gap switch. This I think most people will agree that this is a real godsend. No more problems with inductive loads. You can set this dimmer so that the channels can be either a dimmer or switch and there you have the freedom to control all of your gear with you lighting console. I am sure you can agree that this is very useful in a majority of venues. so when it comes time for you to think about upgrading your dimmer stock this unit from Jands could be the one for you.

Jands HPC dimmer rack

Feature List

Combined dimmer and contactor per channel.

A channel in switch mode that is turned off has a true air gap between the incoming mains and the output socket.

DMX-512 digital control protocol with RDM

Optional Ethernet control module

Soft over-temperature cutout Dual temperature controlled DC fans

Third-order active filters eliminate mains noise issues

for info contact JANDS


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