Event Safety

In recent years we have had a few deaths that could have been prevented. In my last 2 articles I talked about the Toronto disaster and how lucky we in Australia at least have not had a bad incident.We all recognise that our industry is full of risks but with careful control we can go home each night in one piece. There are some out there that believe our safety is not important and why are we whining. Some of these folks are dinosaurs and it is time that they catch up with what is happening in the industry. They believe there are more important things in the world than the odd technician dying doing the job they love. Well I feel sorry for those that feel that way, but maybe it is time you got out of the industry if you are so set in yours ways. The world has become more complex, our audiences are wanting more and more in a show. Therefore the pressure is a lot higher than it use to be to get the show on the road. So we need to step back take a good look at ourselves and find away to make the job safer. If we continue having accidents in our industry the work is going to go away. We will no longer have great stadiums show, but that is not all that will disappear, we are going to find that the humble “Carols” night will become a thing of the past or maybe the end of some dawns services. The implecations are huge when you  start to look deeply into the industry. There are dozens of small events held each week around the country, these could all be affected by any radical changes brought about by a reactionary government if we had a disaster. So have your say, let us have a chance at getting the safety we need.

What can we do?

Well we need to keep on top of safety. We need to as an industry need to have an open and frank discussion on these matters of stage safety. So we need information from you the industry to pass on to those that formulate regulations, policies and procedures. So click the link: Event Safety Survey

For those that would like to meet and chat and listen to those in the know, please attend the Safety Seminar at ENTECH CONNECT 2012 in Melbourne. The link is below

Event Safety Seminar


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