Expectations of a volunteer

This mainly pertains to amateur or community theatre. But there are other times in the entertainment industry that there are volunteers helping in all facets of the event. This can range from backstage tasks to FOH or managing the event. Now it has often been discussed that we need to treat the volunteers in a manner that we would like to be treated and that we also need to make sure we look after their welfare. In return volunteers also need to be responsible for their actions as well. It is not all take and no give. Volunteers have certain responsibilities to the team that they are working with.

So what responsibilities do these volunteers have?
Well first of all they need to look out for their own safety and those around them.
They need to make sure that they know the timetable.
They need to make themselves aware of the organisations policies and procedures
They need to follow direction, it may be for their own safety
They need to be on time – this means that people are not going to get into a flap
They need to notify in advance if the cannot attend. There is nothing worse when suddenly a team member is not present and the others have to cover, or they need to find someone at the last-minute

If volunteers could follow these few simple guidelines we are likely to have smooth running events. This will lead to less stress and less people throwing in the towel.

Your Thoughts?


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