“Ramblings of a Techie” crowdsourcing funds through Pozible

Would you be interested in helping my blog get to the next stage and become a leader in its field.
“Ramblings of a Techie” is crowdsourcing funds through Pozible website. This is a world leading way that avariety of projects get funding. There are some simple rewards available if you pledge over certain amounts.

So help an Australian Theatre Technician and Lighting Designer achieve his goal in making this technical theatre blog one of the best in the world. The “Ramblings of a Techie” blog started out as a simple idea of putting my thoughts down, and if others wanted to read it they were welcome. It has grown immensely since those early days. Now the readership has increased at a reasonably rapid rate and it is time to make it better for the regulars and also market it to get even more readers. There is a need for this blog in the market place. I have been doing this blog for a number of years at my own expense. Now I am asking for you to make a difference by supporting me in making it even better with more content and better content. I want to host this site on a dedicated server and more media content like video and audio.
The aim of “Ramblings of a Techie” is the free exchange of information, reviews and current events in the tech arena.
So I want you to invest a few dollars in this blog. So for as little as a dollar you can help me improve “Ramblings of a Techie”. Just click on  the following image and then click the “Support Project “button on the funding page.


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