What if you have an abusive client

Most of the time we have clients that are great. They may not understand the theatrical process but they listen and try to help. But occasionally you get the client that has a chip on thier shoulder. They assume they know it all as they may have been on stage in some amateur musical or stage play. This seems to empower then with the knowledge they know it all. They bandy words around that might sound good to the other performers, students etc. You know they re trying to sound big, so what do you do? They are casting doubt on your skills.You have spent years getting you skills and they are, sometimes publicly putting your skills down. What you may notice that real professionals will treat you with respect.

So what should your reaction be? Should you turn the other cheek? Should you correct him with a few choice words?Or go to your manager if you have one? If you are smart it is possible to turn the situation around, but some of these people are not intereted in anything but thier ego.

I believe you need to stand up to them firmly. They need to understand that you do know your job that you are trying to do the best for them. If they still push you, then it is time to bring in the big guns. Either go over thier head to the manager etc and also go to your manager and lodge a complaint. What they are doing is a form of bullying. This is something you should not have to tolerate. There should be  policy in place about bullying, and it should extend to clients as well. It probably needs to be stated in any form of paperwork, like contracts, so clients are aware of that certain forms of behaviour are unacceptable.

So make sure you don’t let this affect you, you are talented and skilled.


One thought on “What if you have an abusive client

  1. As an ex-event manager I have to admit, I have had my fair share of technicians who think they are God too!! And the ones who think because I am a female, I know nothing, and then go looking for the ‘man in charge’. There is nothing better than a gig when there is full respect in both directions…the type when you are sad it has come to an end because you liked working with the team so much. Is the good thing about the industry, gigs come and go, and so do the people!

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