Often as I carefully focus my lights I contemplate why it seems that others do not take such care. I carefully shape and craft the beam of light making sure that it does not spill on something that I do not want illuminated.And particular I try to avoid lighting is the audience. The audience are not part of what is happening on the stage in most productions. If you do need to see them you can use house lights or specifically you can light them. There will be occasions when light might hit the audience, but try and work around that problem by moving the light to another location. To me good lighting is the result of the focussing process. We all know that focussing is a time consuming process of moving ladders etc around a set that is being built. So when you have production meeting try and get as much time as possible for the focus. Some people might find that you are being picky with the shutter cut, or the beam peak but if the result looks great so be it. If you are not happy with what a lantern is doing, change it or move it. Don’t put up with second best. Believe it or not a badly focussed light can make a difference to what the audience interprets.A badly focussed light can be like a picture totally out of focussed, it is not controlled properly.  Colour choice is often a problem for designers at times. Here a swatch book and samples of the colours used in the set design and costume come in very handy. They give you an idea of what could happen with colour. If you have the time do not be afraid to experiement with your lighting. Try new ideas. Look at what other people are doing in the lighting world. Check out what mother nature is doing.


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