Adelaide Fringe 2012

Well as this event slowly winds down, what has been learnt? What can be improved?

As with Fringe type events were you have many events happening in one venue, you have to keep in mind that the technical requirements need to be kept simple and easy to understand. You are often dealing with people that may not have the technical knowledge that you have.Just sending a lighting plan may not be helpful, but a list of colour washes and where the set specials are focused could be really helpful. If you are using a CAD program to draw up he standard rig it might be a good idea if you could do rendering of the venue etc. This gives them a better understanding of the space, especially if they are from interstate or overseas. Set deadlines for when to complete designs and also when you want clients to get their requirements to you. You also need to set out guidelines of what is acceptable in the way of sets, lighting and audio. There is nothing worse than a Fringe client turning up for bump in with a ton of requirements and you having to say no you can not do this or that. Often it is best to chat with the client on the phone just email only. Clients need to learn that they cannot have everything. They are not to load strange software on the venues computer move lights etc. Not professional and can upset others using the venue.

On the whole it has run smoothly in my venue with 6 shows a night minimum and the odd matinee thrown in for good measure. Pacing yourself is really important and maybe not working at other venues at the same time. Eating regularly and getting enough sleep is also important as well.

Oh well until next time.


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