CX Summer Roadshow

Well I attended and spent most of the day with this event. It might be small but it packed a punch. There were 12 companies putting on display some of their latest gear and also presenting some great seminars on a variety of topics. CX also present a few very interesting seminars that provoke deep thought. The public that attended had access to some great information and were able to go home with new knowledge. The networking aspect was also great. People to chat to those in person that they may have only done via phone or email.

Julius at Work

Jimmy at work

The aim of the roadshow was to bring info and new equipment to those that cannot not attend major tradeshows that are often held in Sydney. And it certainly achieved this goal due to the vision of CX.

so what was on show?

Jands had on display their latest console the V5. LSC had a demo console that was bloody huge. Production Audio had some great kit from EAW, Audix and Powersoft. Meyer had some of their speakers systems and Amber were showing off their Radial DI products. And that is just to name a few.


Summer Roadshow setting up

But the really important part of the Roadshow were the seminars. These seminars covered a wide range of topics that were very relevant to the industry. We had sessions on the changes to the wireless spectrum, setting up line arrays, stage safety and Julius’s favourite “black money” – but if we tell you about it we will have to kill you. Hopefully some of these seminars will make people think about how we go about over business and a more safe and respectful culture will continue to develop, we prefer to self regulated and not be totally controlled by government entities.

So overall the show was really worthwhile attending, even if I am biased, a lot of people got a lot of of this event. Hopefully it will become an annual event. So this is a call out to all techs to support events like this, you are the ones that will benifit from these events and seminars.


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