JANDS releases new console

Well JANDS have done it again. They have just release the new Vista L5 console running Vista V2 software. This is the flagship of the Vista consoles. It has a great look that is very intuitive for those that are familiar with Vista software.This is THe console to get from JANDS.

The new console has a 21″ HD screen TFT screen, the L5 gives you all the space you need to work the way you want. With 1920 x 1080 resolution, the L5’s screen has plenty of room to add and re-arrange windows, so you can do more with less scrolling. It has a backlit keyboard, very handy for those dark venue corners. The L5 has an Intel Quad-Core i7-2600 (3.4GHz) processor and 8GB of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM).

With sleek end pieces to improve handling and a hinged armrest that contains storage compartments, two USB connections and the console power On/Off button, the L5 is quite simply a superb piece of industrial design.

If you want to see more watch this video at JANDS and you can even enter a competition to win a MACBook Pro. Only for people in other terroritories than Australia.



Control panel (Pen Tablet)
  • Wacom 21″ Pen-Tablet LCD (1920 x 1080)
  • 12 user configurable function buttons
  • Backlit Keyboard and Track pad (extra pointing device)
  • 2 sets Blue, Green, Yellow, Red modifier buttons (Left & Right hand)
  • 2 Pen modifier buttons (Left & Right hand)
  • Power and Help buttons
  • 4 Wacom tablet control / configuration buttons
  • Grand Master (rotary) fader and DBO button
Playback Controls
  • 25 Playbacks, 20 with faders and flash buttons, 5 without
  • Playbacks feature; Blue / White LCD, Select and Go buttons
  • Split mode allows control of up to 70 Cuelists
  • Playbacks can be configured for control of Groups, Presets and more
  • Page Up / Down buttons
Super Playback Controls
  • Playback with dual faders and buttons
  • Go, Pause, Back, Skip Forward, Skip Reverse, Skip to Start, Skip to End buttons
  • Utilises LCD and Encoder wheels for display and real time control of playback and other advanced functions.
Programming Controls
  • 3 Encoder Wheels with associated Blue / White LCD
  • Next / Previous buttons
  • 12 context sensitive function buttons
DMX Output

8192 Channels (16 Universes)

Input and Output Connections
  • 4 DMX outputs
  • 2 Ethernet / Network ports (compatible with Art-Net and Pathport)
  • 6 USB connectors
  • Linear Timecode input †
  • MIDI in/thru/out †
  • RS232 COM port †
  • 2 Desk lamp outlets
  • Trigger input / output †
  • 1 DVI/VGA and 1 DVI/HDMI Monitor Outputs (with support for Wacom pen-displays and selected ELO touchscreens)

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