Chinese rips off damaging the industry

As we tightens our belts where it comes to purchasing new equipment, we come across a whole bunch of chinese companies making copies of well know equipment. The prices are so cheap that we are all tempted to purchase. But is this a good idea? These exact copies are potentially poison for the industry. Many well-known manufacturers like Martin, Robe etc spend a small fortune in time and money developing new products. Then along comes a chinese company that buys one and reverse engineers the equipment and then manufactures them. They then sell to the world market at very cheap prices. It seems that intellectual property rights mean nothing to certain companies.So all those designers, engineers etc end up making a profit for another company. does not seem fair to me. If you were to put a chinese copy nest to the original you sometimes cannot tell the difference except by the logo. What is even more annoying is that there are re-sellers of this equipment within Australia. People are getting caught up in buying these because of the price, then when it breaks spares are hard to come by at times.

Now I have no beef with these companies making moving lights etc but why copy exactly, the exterior and software at least. In most cases the internally are usually not as good a quality. If they were to design and make their own fittings that is fine, but to steal someone elses hard work is criminal.

If you look closely at some of these cheap chinese copies you will notice a lot of things not quite right. The manufacturing tolerances are not as good, quality control really means nothing, as long as it turns on and lighting comes out or noise if it is audio. I have seen their copies of source 4’s etc and the fit and finish is pretty bad.

So what we should do? Try avoid buying them, I know they are cheap and will work for a while but you are really taking money away from the real companies that developed these pieces of equipment in the first place. Don’t support local compaines that are supplying the knock off copies. Always for the genuine article. We all know about the SM58 copies that are around.

You think it is? But it ain't



3 thoughts on “Chinese rips off damaging the industry

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