Self audits

When was the last time you wandered around your venue and actually looked closely at everything. I suggest that you do, it is amazing what little things that you might find that could become major problems in the future. I recently walked around a venue that I sometimes work at and it was amazing at the little faults. Some of which were likely to be a major occupational health and safety issue. Sometimes we seem to notice only the big items, but we need to get into the habit of looking at the small things in our work places. So start looking, look down at the floor, look at the ceiling, look behind that cupboard.  Check things such as the power sockets are they still tightly fastened.  Is the dust cleaned out of the amp fans or dimmer fans. Cables are still fastened tightly, no bits of carpet etc causing any trip hazards?

The above light bulb in a dressing room is a prime example of a potential hazard, it is just waiting for someone to touch the contacts. The more you look the safer your venue you become.

Stored in the wrong place?

But it is just not safety issues you should be looking for. How about how clean and tidy does your venue look. Are the cleaners doing a great job. Are staff putting gear back where it belongs. It all of these things that can make a clients time at your venue pleasurable. There is nothing worse than going into a venue and the duty tech does not know where the equipment is because it has been put back in the right place. Have you checked that the lighting is fully back to standard, or the audio patch is back to standard. Has the lighting desk had its memory cleared of old shows? Is you digital audio cleared and return to what is a good starting point in regards to EQ etc.

So take the time to wander your venue and see what things can be done to improve things. It will make everbody happy.


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