NAMM 2012

So what was new this year at NAMM. This is another major trade show held in the States each year. So the first cab of the rank is:

HARMAN’s JBL Professional Debuts PRX400 Series Portable PA Loudspeakers at Winter NAMM 2012

They introduced the PRX400 Series of passive portable loudspeakers, designed to bring true professional-quality performance, power handling and durability to more affordable price points. The new JBL PRX400 Series includes the 15-inch PRX415M, 12-inch PRX412M and dual 15-inch PRX425 loudspeakers, as well as the 18-inch PRX418 subwoofer.

The PRX415M and PRX412M can be used as either mains or monitors, and when used with the PRX418 subwoofer, provide a sat/subwoofer system capable of delivering 135dB of full-range, high-quality sound. The PRX425 dual-15-inch, 2-way speaker is ideal for DJs and bands that require powerful low-frequency extension from the convenience of a standalone cabinet.

JBL PRX400 loudspeakers are designed to work hand in hand with Crown Audio’s powerful and innovative XTi2 Series amplifiers. Crown XTi2 amplifiers incorporate enhanced pre-set performance tunings for PRX400 Series loudspeakers, including crossover points for a sat/subwoofer setup, and optimized parametric filter that bring out the full potential of PRX400 Series loudspeakers. JBL PRX400 tunings will also be available in the dbx DriveRack® PA+ signal processor/complete loudspeaker management system.

JBL PRX400 Series loudspeakers utilize extremely high-quality, tourtested drivers and components to deliver clear, detailed and dynamic sound for bands, DJs, nightclubs, schools, houses of worship or other professional touring and installed sound applications. They feature Neutrik® SpeakON combination connectors and are built from lightweight, yet extremely tough 18mm birch/poplar multi-laminate hardwood covered in JBL’s resilient DuraFlex™ covering. All PRX400 Series models feature rugged 16 gauge steel grilles.

JBL PRX400 Series loudspeakers offer versatile installation options. All full-range models incorporate twelve M-10 suspension points and hardened steel eyebolts for safe hanging in light-duty installations. Built-in dual-angle pole-mount sockets enable the PRX415M and PRX412M to be mounted either straight out or at a 10-degree downward angle to deliver the best audience coverage pattern. With a 10-degree down angle, the speakers can be aimed down at the audience, keeping sonic reflections off the back wall for better clarity and more efficient coverage. In addition, all PRX400 models feature ergonomic handles made from road-tough, lightweight glass-filled nylon.

More Information is available at HARMON

Radial Engineering Ltd release a whole swag of products at Winter NAMM 2012

This just one of the products released.
Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the Firefly tube direct box, a fully discrete class-A unity gain amplifier designed for both studio and live performance.The Firefly begins with two inputs, each of which features a separate level control to enable the artist to set each instrument with optimal gain. Switching between inputs can be can be done using the front panel switch or via the optional JR2 remote footswitch. The instrument signal is immediately routed to a tuner output that is always on. When used with the JR2 footswitch, the Firefly may also be muted remotely for quiet on-stage tuning. Both the footswitch and front panel are equipped with LED indicators for status monitoring. Following the award winning Radial JDV, the Firefly’s front end circuit is 100% discrete class-A and is void of any circuit stabilizing negative feedback. This produces a more open, less constricted sound.  The Firefly is also equipped with Drag Control load correction that enables the artist to adjust the load on the magnetic pickup for a much more natural rendering. When bypassed, the load jumps to 4 meg-ohms enabling the Firefly to be used with piezo pickups such as common with upright bass and other acoustic instruments. The exceptional warmth and detail is achieved by combining Radial’s unique front end with an all new12AX7 tube drive circuit. Contrasting the input sensitivity with the output drive enables the artist to fine tune the grit or edge to give the sound more character.  And to add even more fun, the Firefly comes shipped with two 12AX7 tubes, a select premium tube for audiophile performance and a low-fi version for added growl.
Connectivity is extensive: The rear panel begins with two stacked ¼” instrument inputs. A second set of stacked ¼” jacks presents the user with a buffered thru-put that delivers either the original instrument’s tone or the output from the tube circuit. Below, an insert jack enables one to add in effects in series with the tube drive circuit and apply the effects to the overall sound. The third set of stacked jacks feature a tuner output and a TRS jack for the JR2 remote control. The Radial transformer coupled XLR output is outfitted with a ground lift switch and a 180º polarity reverse. This can be helpful when controlling feedback or interfacing with older vintage gear. Power is supplied via an exterior switching supply for 100V to 240V operation and delivers a variable output that ranges from a typical unity gain DI level to a full +4dB line level for direct recording.

More info available from Radial



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