It is Coming soon CX Summer Road Show

Well the CX Roadshow is on its way this year and looks like it is going to be a great chance to network and also exchange ideas and learn about future trends.
There will plenty of seminars and people to meet and network with.

A one day Programme, identical in all 5 cities
Four big CX Seminars:
9.30am: CX Dirty Money Seminar:
Avoid being a victim of a corporate restructure or bankruptcy
11.00am: Outdoor Stage Safety Seminar:
National guidelines for better, safer events
1.00pm: Digital Lighting:
The Revolution Explained
3.30pm: Digital Audio Routing (and Comms):
The State of the technology
One Day Broadcast Conference:
The National Broadcast Technical Conference. 10.00am – 5.00pm
Open SMPTE meeting 5.00pm. Cocktail Party 5.30pm
Manufacturer Seminars all day:
• Martin M1 training
• SMAART Acoustic Tools 101
• Intelligibility and beam shaping (Duran Audio)
• Selador LED
• Wireless microphone spectrum update
• Designing an ethernet based lighting control system
• Line array design and optimisation
• Room acoustics (Peter Janis)
• Maximise audio with Radial (Peter Janis) *and more!

Jands@home is coming to the CX MAG Summer Roadshow! We will be presenting four FREE training sessions in each location:

1) ETC Selador: LED Lighting Without Compromise;

2) Wireless Microphones and the Digital Dividend;

3) Bits and Pieces: Designing an Ethernet Based Lighting Control System; and

4) Computer Assisted Line Array Design and Optimisation. Register here

Trade Show from midday until 7pm:
• 12 major distributors show the latest technology
•    Free    entry    from    midday    until    7pm
•    Cocktail    party,    free    drinks    from    5.30pm


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