20th JaN 2012 – International Day of Remembrance of Fallen Road Crew

People often have the belief that the career of a roadie is a glamorous one. Rubbing shoulders with stars as we go about our business. But this is far from the truth. The job entails long hours; the work is hard and at times dangerous. We work to crazy deadlines, often with little sleep. The pay is often not great, and the strain on your body can be horrendous, lifting road cases of unbelievable weight, climbing to great heights, suffering falls, electric shocks and I could go on. This is the side that the audience never sees; this is the real hard work. The longs pushing roadcases up and down ramps, the hauling trusses, the endless bad coffee.

The toll on the road crew both physical and mental can be staggering. Burnout is often the cause of many people quitting the industry. But there are those that have passed away. They may have passed away due to an accident, suicide or other causes. But they are all part of our brotherhood; we should honor our fallen comrades. These are guys that brought joy and magic up there on the stage, but you never see them on stage. These road warriors work backstage making those on stage appear brilliant.

So take time on the 20th January 2012 to quietly reflect on those that have gone. This is an online event that was created by Crewspace and WorldWideCrew.org

Take time to watch the memorial video prepared for the event by Mical Caterina.


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