An Audio Guy’s Lighting – NOT

I recently attended a Christmas function in a major hotel with a band playing that had been around for a number of years. Now this is one of those shows that plays in the month or so leading up to Christmas, and people and groups buy tickets for a meal and a show. So what is my gripe? We it is the lighting. The lighting for the show was bad, really bad. You needed sunglasses to see others around the table. More light was on the audience and not on the band.You would think for a show that is playing for several weeks in a venue that there would be some care taken with the lighting. The show actually had a lot of potential for some great lighting with the lighting equipment that the had rigged. There was the potential to lift the quality of the show with some nice lighting states, but did they – no. In fact the lighting consisted mainly of flashing par cans and movers performing basic pre-set patterns for the whole show. The moving heads did not even point at the spinning mirror ball, in fact no light pointed at this poor lone mirror ball. It was all controlled by a HOG sitting next to the M7 and operated by the audio guy. no thought had gone into the lighting, it was sort of turn on the desk and lets see what pretty patterns it will make. Most annoying. I know that the audio has a lot to concentrate on, and they should not be distracted from task of mixing. But with a show that is the same night after night surely there is time for the audio guy to at least try something adventurous. Or maybe the production company could send someone in to program some nice precepts to go along with the set lists. Then all the audio guy needs to do is recall them in order, and hey presto there is a great lighting show to go with a great audio production. Believe or not this will look so much more professional and the audience will thank you for it. A well lit show is a pleasure for the audience, and with this band it would help set the mood for the various songs that they performed.


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