As a Fringe Rapidly approachs

Well it is going to get busy in Adelaide again with the 2012 Adelaide Fringe upon us in the next few months. so what does it mean to us theatre technicians? It certainly means more work and less sleep, or does it? I am obviously am one of those techs that is going to be busy during the Fringe 2012. I have been amazed at the questions I sometimes get asked by artists that are performing during the Fringe. The question being “Could you do the show for little or no money? We are working on a tight budget and the cast accommodation and travel costs are high” Well that is fair enough in its own way, but to expect a trained technician to work for little or no money is really crazy. Do these so called artists realise that having a skilled tech is really important and that paying peanuts means that they are likely to get crappy tech support. Or the classic line is” do you know a student that would like experience?” This is also very scary. Cheap slave labour methinks. Surely when you are putting together a production, you actually think about the technical element and how you are going to achieve it. Budgeting is really a good idea if you are putting together a show, and allow something for tech services. I think it is really belittling of the performers/producers to expect techs to work for extremely low pay. They are also an important and integral part of a production. If you think we are not worth anything , then you are not worth anything. Try and think like a real professional and plan like a professional. We technicians also have bills and like to eat like you, but if you pay us nothing. We then starve and no one will see you work. And us techs do talk to each other about these issues and you get a bad reputation no one will see your work.




One thought on “As a Fringe Rapidly approachs

  1. I agree with all your points and also that why is the first budget cut from tech? Did they ask the hotel if they could pay a little less?? No?? Then why expect the technicians to cost a little (or a lot) less. I have been in this situation so many times in the past and it really eats at you..
    Sure if the show has potential in taking you somewhere with it in the future, then yes, maybe i can work for a little less, THIS TIME!
    Cant wait for Fringe again… 1000 hour weeks here i come!

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