Lighting Cold Chisel – MAC 101

The recent “Light the Nitro” tour by iconic Australian band “Cold Chisel” has wowed audiences across the country. Part of this wow factor has been because of the lighting that has been designed by one of Australia’s best lighting designers – Francesco Calvi. He has designed the rig in such a way that it will fit in a variety of venues across the country, and as we all know that has its on inherent problems. This show is playing in large scale arenas, smaller amphitheatres, and even the odd circus tent. So the lighting rig needs to be versatile to cope with a variety of factors. Things like weight restrictions and truck space.

Cold Chisel "Light the Nitro"

So the solution was to use the Martin MAC 101 fixtures, these are light in weight therefore a lot could be used and  the rig kept the same across all venues. In all 150 MAC 101’s were used to light the show. These fixtures were the foundation of the lighting design. They were set up on 8 towers per side for side lighting and also on five finger trusses that moved during the show. There were also quite a few used from the floor.

I like the look of the 101s. They give me an ‘old school’ look that suited this band,” Calvi says of Martin’s remarkably small color changer. “I am able to get a big PAR can look as well as a lot of great movement when needed.” This harks back to the early days of Chisel touring with masses of par cans rigged. The beauty of using MAC 101’s is the light weight, great output, great colour and the fast movement. These fi=xtures are also built Martin tough and are surviving long distance travel through harsh environments, and keep on working night after night.

One surprise is the Francesvo Calvi is also the lighting operator for the tour. He is also using the M1 Martin lighting console, which is their popular yet easy to use lighting console.. He is running 8 streams of DMX via Artnet and 2 streams of Artnet for the media server.

We are running over 200 fixtures and it’s been very easy to get around. It is a simple desk to learn and like all things, I am still learning as we go.I love the way it handles effects; many of the things that I have been wanting over the years, it does well. The layout of the console is great too and it’s surprising how much playback is actually available to the operator. I think I will be playing with the M1 for many years to come.”

Cold Chisel "Light the Nitro"

There also other Martin Gear used on this tour, such as MAC 2000 Profiles and MAC TW1 tungsten wash lights.

Chameleon Touring Systems supplied the lighting, and these guys source thier Martin gear from Show Technology.

Ticket sales for the 10-week “Light the Nitro” tour, the band’s biggest in 30 years, sold out in under a day. 

Martin Equipment:

150 x MAC 101™

24 x MAC 2000 Profile™

10 x MAC TW1™

1 x Martin M1™

1 x Martin ShowDesigner™

More information on Martin can be got from HERE


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