Techie Christmas Gifts

So looking for that perfect techie gift for Christmas and you are not sure what to get them. Well here are a few suggestions that you can put under the Christmas tree.


These guys make some pretty cool multi-tools. You could not go wrong with one of these. This multi-tool has a variety of bits and pieces to make the job easier. Just check it out at here.


Gerber Octane

Led Lenser Torches

These great torches have been around for a while and are very popular. They are rugged and dependable. Yet another stocking filler. More info here.

Led lenser p17

Led Lenser


Another great manufacturer of multi-tools. They also have a great range available for you to purchase. These are very versatile and I am sure you will find many uses backstage or on stage. More info here.


Subscription to CX Magazine

Got to give your loved one a CX magazine sub. This is a gift that keeps on giving. I may be biased as I write for them, but who would not want a year’s subscription to this great trade magazine. And Julius will be happy. CLICK HERE



So what would you want or give to your entertainment technician for their Christmas. Lrt me know and I will include it as well.


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