Have you ever been asked?

Have you ever been asked to take your lighting design or someone else’s and make it brighter so that the show can be recorded on video. This has happened to me and probably others. You or someone else has spent hours getting the lighting to look great for the paying live audience. Then someone asks you “Can you make it brighter, so we can video the show?”  My answer will always be no. If the show has been put on for a paying audience, it should be lit accordingly. If the show is to be videod they should get a better performing camera. I am not going to compromise my artistic endeavour for a video camera.And I am sure the Director is not. It is of course a different matter if the show is for video only, but that only happens very rarely.

It is even worse if you are asked to modify another persons work for a video. They have also spent a lot of time and effort and they will not appreciate someone coming along and hacking thier work to pieces.

So if you intend to video a piece of work, make sure your camera is up to the task of low level lighting. Lighting designers do not like being asked to modify their artistic work part way through a season to make it work for the camera. That is not what the audience paid good money for.


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