Busy Time

It is that time of the year here in Australia, at least. With all of the end of the the year concerts, school speech nights etc happening. So we as techs and venues are often kept busy. But there can be a downside to this amount of activity, one of them being maintenance or the lack of time to continue preventative maintenance. We all realise that things do breakdown and go wrong. but is there a way to minimise this happening? Well if the venue does regular maintenance there likely to be less problems. You are likely to only have to deal with blown lamps. Venues with multiple bookings over the busy period need to be able to make room between bookings for maintenance and be prepared to call in techs out of hours to keep the venue running like a well oiled machine.

Things that can help are making sure you have plenty of lamp stock. It would not harm to have a few spare lanterns hanging around just in case. You could also make sure that there is plenty of colour cut so that time is not wasted in cutting. Lots of batteries for radio mics. It really boils down to making sure there are spares of consumables and to have contingency plans in place for when something big goes wrong. Planning for a problem often solves the small problems that can lead to the big ones.

Preventative maintenance is the way forward to minimise problems but unfortunately it will not catch all of them. So we need to have time up our sleeves to solve any problem that comes along. When a client books a venue they expect it to be in full working order, they don’t expect excuses from the duty technician why something is not working  or not repaired etc. They might understand if it breaks down during their show, but they are going to expect some effort in getting it going again. Since they are paying our wages with have to give the client the best possible service.


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