LDI 2011 – the final report

When I look at the amount of information that came out of LDI, it makes the trade shows in Australia pale in comparison. When you look at our trade shows you notice that we have up to 2 a year, plus CX and also Jands have a travelling show. Would we benefit from a much bigger show that we currently have, do the customers want a big show. Maybe the main show needs to travel around Australia. This is something the suppliers and buyers need to work out.

But enough of this, lets take one more look at what else might be great to have in a venue  or hire shop near you.

Philips Strand Selecon



Will seems that there is a new cyc light on the block and it has been shown at LDI. This cyc unit is based on the technology behind the PL1 wash lanterns. It uses a mixing chamber to blend the RGBW colours. In fact it does look similar to the Philips Selecon Wing LED RGB/Tuneable White Wall Wash units. It has an asymmetrical reflector. It can be used on cyc’s 6 metres high from a distance of 1.5 metres spaced about 1.2 metres apart. Now we we are not going to chew up circuits by the bucket load lighting the cyc. This could be a blessing.





Chamsys had on display their MagicQ MQ600 console.The MagicQ MQ60 lighting and video console has been designed for travelling,it fits within the carry-on luggage restrictions of many airlines, as it only weighs 6kgs.

  • 12 Universes
  • Complete Lighting Console
  • Fits Hand Luggage Restrictions
  • Quick and Easy to Program
  • Fully Featured Theatre Stacks
  • Advanced Media Server Support
  • Fixture Morphing & Cloning
  • LED Pixel Mapping
  • In-built Media Engine
  • Powerful PC Show Editor
  • Internal Ethernet Switch
  • In-built UPS

The MagicQ MQ60 features the same familiar and flexible GUI lighting control, media server connectivity options and in-built Pixel Mapper found in all other MagicQ consoles. The MQ0 utilises the same software and show formates, enabling compatibility between all products in the MagicQ range.

The MagicQ MQ60 features and in-built touch screen with the same resolution as the MagicQ MQ100 consoles, but in a more compact size. In addition, there is an external monitor output for a separate display, which can be up to 1440×900 resolution, and can be a USB or serial touch screen.


Tracking / non-tracking option
Fixture, FX and Gel Library
In-built Fixture Editor
In-built Media Engine
LED pixel mapping
Fixture morphing and cloning

Rainbow colour picker (CMY, RGB, HSI)
Individual fade times on any channel
Easy fanning of parameters and times
Configurable faders – HTP, LTP, speed, size, masters
Theatre mark cues, split fades and inhibit masters

Client/Server network architecture
Multiple console playback tracking
Multiple console programming
In-built Web Server
Remote console control
Visualiser support (including patch transfer)
Architectural Zoning and Day/Date support



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