More LDI 2011 – NEWS

Well there is still a lot more gear to mention. Now if I had actually been there I would having been writing and taking pics. There was a lot of great gear on show, but also one main thing that is really important at these shows is the networking that goes on between suppliers, manufacturers and the end users. So maybe one day I will travel to one and gaze in wonder.

But what else was there on show. Lets have a quick look.


Some of its features are:

PRG have demoed the BEST Boy 4000 Spot Luminaire. This is a precision engineered automated light. It has an uncompromising output or performance  that is not affected by its feature. This could be one of the most automated light fixture available. This fixture has 20,000+ lumen output from a 700watt light source that is overdriven to 800 watts. It is a great looking output if the video is anything to go by.

Some of its features are:

    • High output (20,000+ lumens), low power (700 watts)
    • Draws 5 amps at 208 volts, 10 amps at 110 volts
    • Optical efficiency of over 31%
    • High-speed servomotors
    • Zoom range of 8:1 from a narrow spot of 8° to a wide flood of 64°
    • Beam size iris
    • Framing shutter
    • Two rotating gobo wheels, six gobos per wheel
    • Moiré gobos
    • One effect wheel
    • CMY color mixing plus designer color wheel
    • Color temperature wheel, 3000° to 7500°

More info and video can be found


The latest piece of kit from Philips is the Philips Vari-Lite VLX3 Wash. This compact unit uses three LED engines. These are replaceable 120W RGBW LED chipsets that provide an output at three times the efficacy of comparable tungsten sources. One great thing is that all three light engines can operate as one or each independently. When these are operated independentlythe LEDs can be programmed to perform as three standalone, distinct sources, each capable of its own color, dimming, strobe rate, and fade time. The total system provides approximately 6,000 lumens of white light output and a 10,000-hour source life of the chip. Again Philips are producing devices that are versatile. With an optical system from the leader in automated lighting, color mixing is smooth, natural, and free of “color shadowing” effects associated with other LED fixtures. It has a continuously adjustable color temperature white range between approximately 3000 and 9000 Kelvin, and seamless color mixing that all combine to create a single source that behaves like familiar arc or tungsten luminaires without the associated costs and inefficiencies inherent in those systems.

Beam size control is achieved by the use of an optical zoom system that offers a zoom range from approximately 15 to 55 degrees.All movements are smooth, silent, and accurate under the control of the time-proven Vari-Lite three-phase motor system with a full 540 degrees of pan and 240 degrees of tilt control. The luminaire offers five-pin DMX in and thru connectors and a backlit menu panel for easy installation and operation.













Coemar have been demonstrating their Reflection LEDko series of LED fixtures. This series is a  LED combined hard-edge and soft-profile fixture. Based on a patented multi-LED light source. This fixture can produce a uniform, mixed at the source, beam of light. Being mixed at the source do do not get multi-coloured shadows. It can be used as a soft edged unit with the use of a fresnel or PC lens. As it also does not emit much heat you can create gobos on a standard transparency sheet and inkjet printer.The fixture can be used as a soft-edged profile with either Fresnel or PC lenses. It is available in 3 different models—FullSpectrum, VariWhite 3,000K-7,000K, and White 3,200K—all versions feature electronic 16-bit dimming, digital strobe, flicker-free operation, bi-directional DMX512, and compatibility with third-party lens tubes and accessories. This is also a fixture to keep a look out for.

More info here.




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