LDI 2011 – even more cool NEWS

Well the good stuff is still coming out in Orlando for LDI 2011. so what new devices have been released that we can drool over.


Avolites Media is a new division of Avolites, which is an alliance between Immersive Ltd and Avolites. And the new produc resulting from this is the Av olites Media Ai Server Range.  This is a suite of products for design, animation, motion graphics, and show production. The Ai Media server id the first product in the line. It is designed to integrate lighting and video into one visual picture. More information can be got from www.avolites.com



On display is the Robe Robin 1200 LEDwash. This uses the same multi-chip LED as the Robin300 and 600 LEDwash. It features 61 LEDs in four concentric rings. It offers the same smooth mixing, whites and homogenised light engines of the 300/600 units. Also new is the Robin DLX Spot LED-based moving head with RGBW LED sources as well as the Robin Sniper with the Philips Platinum 35 lamp for a tight, parallel beam used in place of Xenon-lamped large venue fixtures.



The Martin Professional MAC Aura is a compact LED moving head wash light with zoom that uses two independent color systems for effects and that can function as a single-lens wash with fully pre-mixed color. The optical system combines multicolor beam LEDs with a backlight LED lens array illumination for a more naturalistic look. The fixture houses an 11° to 58° zoom with a built-in effects engine and delivers almost 4,000 lumens of output in a compact package that moves with high levels of speed and precision.


What new gear can I mention tomorrow, well you will have to wait and see.


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