LDI 2011 – some more NEWS

Well I have some more news for my readers about LDI2011. so what do I have?

Robert Juilart

Robert Juliat will be showing the 85W Aledin 330LF LED Wash fresnel, a complement to the company’s award-winning Aledin 630SX LED Profile Framing Spot. “The popularity of the Aledin wash has grown quickly as good reports spread about TV studios, exhibition halls and theaters taking advantage of its many qualities,” says Robert Juliat’s Fred Lindauer.

“Customer feedback finds the Aledin wash to be a very powerful LED product which produces an even beam over a spread range of 17 – 96 degrees (field angle), and since it uses a true Fresnel lens, the beam can be efficiently masked with traditional barn doors. The dimming is very smooth with no ‘stepping,’ its strobe feature is useful for concert lighting and the choice of 3500K or 5800K color temperatures lend itself well to exhibition work. The result is a very versatile fixture that’s proving popular in multi-function venues and television studios.”

The 330LF’s very low 105W total power consumption delivers significant savings on running costs and makes it a suitable choice for venues and events with limited power. The fixture, which is quick and easy to set up, extends its colour media life due to its low heat output, and its extra-long-life LED requires less maintenance.

Meet and Listen to some of the Industry Pioneers

Also at LDI 2011 you will be able to listen to some lectures from Lighting Designer Richard Pilbrow and Scenic Designer Tony Walton. Others on the lecture circuit at LDI include Kevin Dreyer and Steve Shelley. These guys will recount stories from their colorful past and share insights into the success of their careers.


ClayPaky will be showing their new Alpha Spot QWO 800.  This is an 800W spotlight that features a self-focusing zoom with a 7° to 55° range. In addition to its animation wheel, Dyna-Cue Creator creates complex animations with minimum programming. The fixture never exceeds 42db, and it uses the latest 800W FastFit single-ended MSR Platinum lamp.


ETC again showed their S4 LED profile and the word is that it is a very similar output to a Tungsten 750W S4. There are no pics at the moment, but their is a rumoured release sate of March 2012. Other impressions are that it is extremely quiet and you can daisy chain about 10 units. This is something to look forward to in the near future.

Doug Fleenor Design

These guys have released the ultimate DMX controlled device. The DMX controlled Chainsaw. This is a definite must for all techie kit bags.

photo thanks to Dave Carr


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