LDI 2011 News

Well LDi has rolled around again this year. So what afe we going to see? Well since I am not there, I am going to scan the interweb and try and find out for those of us stuck at home working on shows.

So what have I found out so far?

Well it looks like Vari-lite is about to release another brilliant moving light. So lets keep our eyes open.

LSC Lighting will be previewing their new LX900 console. LSC have been making lighting consoles for many years and now they have teamed up with Nick Denville – senior software engineer, Flying Pig Systems Hog II, Jands Vista, who is with  Open Clear. The result is a range of consoles that will finally offer the market a real alternative for the world’s most demanding productions. These consoles will be running the Clarity software, which has been around for 2 years and therefore is a pretty stable platform. The Clarity LX range will be released in 2012, there will be 3 models the LX300, LX600 and LX900 all with touch screens, multiple programmers with independent unlimited undo/redo, media server integration, LED pixel mapping and innovative Rig Schematic – making fixture selection quick and easy.
Both the LX600 and LX900 have full motorized faders and all models provide RGB fader ident for playback mode indication. Simple and intuitive programming allows for an extremely easy learning curve and ergonomics allow for fatigue free programming.

It does seem that LSC are developing a more mature console that will be taken very seriuosly in the near future.

For more current information on the three models visit the Clarity LX website.







And last but not least on the AC Lighting Stand they will be showcasing the latest technology innovations from Chroma-Q™, Jands Vista. You alreadsy have read in a previous post all about Jands Vista and how much I liked it.

Well the new Chroma-Q Color Force Compact™ will be officially launched at this year’s show.These fitting utilise the core LED technology from their popular Color Force™ range. The new Compact provides a powerful 1,700 lumens of output in a slim, compact profile – making it ideal for lighting areas while occupying a very small footprint. This unit has the capability to  provide the deep cold blues, red hot lava looks and super soft pastels that designers love.

So that is it for now. Once I find out more I will publish it.


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