Respect is a double edged sword

In the high pressure environment of theatre, there will always be tension. Everybody needs to work together and respect each other for what they bring to the production. This is not always the case, and recently I have seen examples of the lack of respect happening. This lack of respect unfortunately has been coming from cast members in a few productions. They have be-littled the crew in a rather de-meaning manner.Performers need to be aware that the techs are there to help them be good on stage, not the other way around. Often the crew does not have as much time to prepare for the show as the performers, so they are under more pressure.

But another area were there an at times be a lack of respect is the clash that can happen between a venue tech and a touring tech. I am sure we have all experienced this. As a venue tech I have had techs walk in and start complaining that the rig is wrong, they are god in the eyes of the stars and that they can solve the venues problem with the click of their fingers. Or it could be the touring tech that is on the receiving end. Now this is not a great to make an event happen. Everybody needs to work together to achieve the outcome that the audience is expecting. Ok there are going to be techs that are not up to speed, but there is no point in putting them down. What we should be doing is letting them learn from what we are doing. When I have toured, or worked with a touring crew I go out of my way to be pleasant and understanding. I try to learn from everyone I meet, you can never learn enough. I also like to pass on my knowledge as well. We are all in this together so we should stand together and work as a team.

We need to respect those that we work with, if we don’t it could come back and bite us on the bum. You might never get that cool gig that you have always wanted.

The following Henry Rollins quote is never more true.

“Listen to the stage manager and get on stage when he tells you to. No one has time for the rock star bullshit. None of the techs backstage care if you’re David Bowie or the milkman. When you act like a jerk, they are completely unimpressed with the infantile display that you might think comes with your dubious status. They were there hours before you building the stage, and they will be there hours after you leave tearing it down. They should get your salary, and you should get theirs.”
Henry Rollins


One thought on “Respect is a double edged sword

  1. “But another area were there an at times be a lack of respect is the clash that can happen between a venue tech and a touring tech.”

    What are you trying to say? Where are you going?

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