It happened again

We are shocked by the recent stage collapses that have happened both in the States and Europe. These are not isolated incidents, there alsohave been others over the last few years around the world. It does get you thinking about what would happen here. And how many crew and audience would die if this did happen here.

What we are looking at here is a temporary structure, this is not a permanent structure, so what factors are needed to be taken into account when designing and building of such a structure. Now I know the regulations here in Australia will be different what is in the states, but the same principals need to be looked into.

So what is the solution for Australia? If we sit on our hands and wait for the government to come up with a solution, we will be over regulated. We as an industry need to get together and work with the relevant authorities and come up with a Code of Practise that will hopefully cover all eventually. But the code of practise will need to to be referenced in the legislation to have any strength. Once this is in place it should remove any cowboys in the industry and all involved will be on the same foot.

For some interesting discussion about this head over to CX TV to see a great discussion on this topic, and add your voice. Comments are welcome.

Stage Safety Special Report


3 thoughts on “It happened again

  1. There is a standard for temporary structures: The somewhat verbosely named “BSR E1.21 Entertainment Technology — Temporary Ground Supported Structures Used to Cover the Stage Areas and Support Equipment in the Production of Outdoor Entertainment Events”

    • There isn’t an Australian standard is part of the issue. The overseas standards are still applicable but some people are looking to make the temporary stage roofs comply with similar standards as permanent structures!

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