ETC Debuts New Gear

This week ETC have been running an event called “CUE (Create, Understand, Experience) Conference”. This event was a chance for people from novices to the experienced to learn more about ETC gear, train and attend debuts. Well it seems that a Keynote presentation of ETC’s CEO, Fred Foster, that they also demonstrated ETC’s next foray into LED technology. During his keynote a S4 LED fixture was used, and many did not know until it was brought to their attention. This is certainly going to generate more interest in LED fixtures.

ETC already have a LED fixtures out and the S4 profile will be a great addition to the S4 range. From information gained from attendees at the keynote, Fred Foster was musing on what it would be like to have a great profile will stunning colours, great output etc., and whilst this was happening the light was being used on stage. IT seems that it has a smooth output and saturated colours and the usual shutters and gobo slot. Now no one has seen this fitting in close up and now pictures seem to exist, but the release has been slated for about 9 months’ time and it hopefully will integrate with exist S4 lens tubes. We live in exciting times.

But that is not all that was put on show. ETC are going to release another member of the Eos Console family. This console goes under the name GIO. This new console has to built- in folding touch screens, in fact the unit looks thinner than others in the range. There are no soft keys on the screen; these have all been moved to the console. From the images I have seen it has 4 encoder wheels on the right hand side. It looks like it has 2 dmx outputs and possibly 2 ethercon connectors. I gather it will also support external monitors; you can never have enough monitors. This new console is likely to be released in the States around September.

Like you I cannot wait to get my hands on these new products from ETC, and put them through their paces.


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