DAY ONE – ENTECH 2011 opens

Well today is the first day of ENTECH and it is shaping up to be a great trade show. There is a lot on offer. It may not be as big as previous years but it certain makes up for that in the quality of the exhibitors that have stands. With the integration of SMPTE it has made the event quite a draw card and bringing the 2 fields together. In Fact the SMPTE section is really abuzz and there is a lot of interest in what is on offer. This is where the real buzz was on the first day. There is a real buzz as you walk around the event and chat with the suppliers.

All of the companies that are exhibiting are willing to stop and have a chat. There is plenty of information available on what is on display. There are some examples of some new gear that might soon be released. Jands were showing a LED Fresnel and Profile, I suggest you have a look at these. Martin had their new console there and it looks pretty exciting.  You will also see a lot of LED equipment and again there have been improvements in these as well. You have to see to believe.

The seminars are also another popular part of ENTECH. I attended the “Environmentally friendly electrical and lighting design” seminar that was given by Glenn Haron of HARON ROBSON. This was informative and topical considering we are now going to have a carbon tax. This covered how we use energy and how we are going to have to get the balance right in the future. We need to look at the long term instead of the short term benefits, design decisions now need to include the cost of power now and in the future. So it is now time to think about how we light our venues.

While you are here why not pop round to the JuliusMedia booth and see if you can catch one of the team and have a chat and pick up a copy of the magazine. You will be more than welcome.




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