Safety – we need to keep thinking about it

I know I am constantly writing about safety, but we all need to be aware of it. Our safety and the safety of those around should always be in the back of our mind. I find it interesting that with so much information available in regards to Occupational Health and Safety, and most of it free or at a very low cost, that people still get it wrong. I often also hear from people erronous information. My suggestion is that you get your facts straight before saying anything. As I said before there is plenty of information out there. The first place to look is your local safework government departments, below is a list:


WorkCover NSW

WorkSafe VIC

Workplace Health & Safety QLD

WorkSafe WA

Workplace Standards TAS

ACT WorkCover

NT WorkSafe


When you visit these sites you can access a whole range of information so that you casn make informed decisions in regards to safety.

Also you union will have information on Safety.

MEAA Safety page

So get yourself familiar with safe work practises and make sure your venue, company etc. is following the regulations. If you have any doubts I suggest you contact the relevant authority and have a chat.


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