LSC Release the QX1 USB to DMX512 Decoder

The clever folks at the well-known Australian company, LSC, have released another useful tool for the lighting person. The device in question is the QX 1 USB to DMX512 decoder which is specifically designed to work with their Clarity lighting and media control software. This unit is designed more for the smaller show or venue where you only need a maximum of one DMX universe. It also brings the cost into a region that these smaller venues and such can actually really think about a PC/MAC based lighting operating system. The Clarity has been out for a little while and is gaining acceptance in the lighting world.  This new device from LSC is small and can be easily packed in to a laptop case.  The reason being that it has been engineered to fit inside a 5-pin XLR style DMX inline connector, there is then a short cable to the USB connector that you plug into your computer.  Another useful addition to this device is that it has RDM capability. This means that the smaller venues and shows do not miss out on this feature without having to pay extra. The one great thing about this device over similar is that it is a 5 pin connector, not a 3 pin connector. If you read the standard for DMX it actually states that a 5 pin connector is part of the standard.

The Clarity software will automatically detect the device when it is plugged in, and will appear as a possible output device in the software’s patch window. There LED’s located on the housing which will indicate that it is connected and active, when it is sending DMX data and when it is dealing with RDM information. The device gets it power from the USB of your computer so no bulky wall warts.

Orders are now being taken for Delivery in May when the next version of Clarity (v1.4) will be available.

More information can be obtained from the LSC website HERE.

The QX! USB-DMX decoder List price is AUD$250.00


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