Danger, Danger

It still amazes me that people in the entertainment industry still commit breaches of the OHS & W act. Surely by now people would have learned, maybe it is time for the authorities to get tough and actually hit osme of the venues and companies that breach with a decently heavy fine. This would be a great example for others to note. You just have to listen to stories from other techies or visit some venues and even hire companies to see some interesting breaches. There is a  hire company that I know of that has truss that has the odd crack in it, and has not been checked for a few years. we can occasionally accept the odd missed test tag, there is the chance that it did come off in the truck, but the more blantant breaches are scary. I have seen fire doors partially blocked.Home made rigging bolts have been seen in the wild. Or maybe a ladder cabled-tied to a catwalk. How about opening a door to a room and running into a ladder left lying on the floor just inside the door.

Partially Blocked Exit

Partially Blocked Exit

It is time that some people in this industry actually paid attention to OHS, and even if their management does not seem happy to look into the OHS problems it is still a requirement of the employee, contractormust do all such things as are required of him or her by the employer to ensure compliance with these regulations( SA,Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 2010 ) So as an employee you need to bring to the attention an OHS concerns and to expect action to happen on these concerns. If nothing happens you then need to bring attention to the authoritities your concerns.

dressing room mirror light

dressing room mirror light

We do not want accidents, serious injuries or death to become part of our industry. If this were to happen we would become over-regulated and allowed only to put on shows that are wrapped in cotton wool.

you guys know who I am talking about, it is time to stand up and do something. Get copies of the regualtions, find copies of your organisations OHS policy’s and procedures. Educate yourself and ask advice. If in doubt question it.

home made eye-bolt

home made eye-bolt

Ladder Cabled-tied

Ladder Cabled-tied


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