Help by Donation

Hello to you the readers

As you all might well imagine, writing this blog does take up some of my time. I have been working on it for nearly 3 years. Time that I might be spending elsewhere earning money. So to help keep it going and to add improvements like a podcast and video content I would like people to make a donation.

I also want to host it on a professional basis. I am asking you to click on the donate button and give what you can afford to keep this blog going. The will also be a donate button on the left down near the bottom of the page for you to click on as well.

At the moment I cannot sell advertising space on this blog. All people, companies and organisations that donate will be acknowledged on a separate page. This blog is for you and if you support it I can continue to write it for you. I thank you now for your continued support that you have giving and look forward to more support in the future.



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