ARX release the MIXX 4 Channel mic/ line Mixer

The boys have been busy at ARX again. They have released some more professional audio gear.
Introducing the MIXX four channel mic/line mixer.

MIXX 4 channel mixer from ARX

The 1RU device looks like it packs a bit of a punch. More than your average 4 channel mixer. The device has balanced inputs and outputs. There is the ability to link units together in a master/slave configuration. This makes use of ARX’s open buss link system thus allowing mixing and zoning. There is switchable phantom power available. There are also 4 independent balanced line outputs as well as mic inputs. The inputs all have gain trims and also 3 way equalisation and pan controls. This smallish unit looks like it packs a punch and I can think of plenty of situations that this unit could be put to use in. Things like paging/background music, restaurants, sub-mixing. The possibilities are limited by you imagination.
More info at


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