Time to Repair -Venue Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the big issues in venues. Because doing maintenance can mean down time for the venue. So what you need to do is schedule your maintenance to have the least effect on your revenue. So to lessen the effect on your revenue base preventative maintenance through out the year is really imperative. You need to put aside a few hours at least each week to repair and fix up anything that has started to give problems during the previous week. As a venue everything needs to be in tip top shape for the next client. Even if it is some piece of equipment that you rarely use, it still needs to work straight off if a client requires it. So as he week progresses you make notes of what might need attention and pull out gear that breaks especially if you cannot fix straight away. This will be the time when you wish you had bought an extra one as backup. I try and keep a lantern or 2, a mic and a few cables tucked away for these moments. These weekly checks are also good for checking the focus again, changing colour and bubbles.

But at least once a year you need to clean all of your equipment and make sure it is safe and fully operational. This is also a good time to do the routine test and tag. If it is planned right this can also be the time to do some simple upgrades to your venue. The trick is to always have you venue presented in the best possible light. Client will notice that the venue is working properly and that there have been simple improvements. Always listen to the client, they may come up with a great idea that you can implement. Your clients are your bread and butter never dismiss their ideas. Also ask your staff what improvement there needs to be made to make the job easier. Also listen to these same staff about maintenance issues, and get them involved. The more they know the equipment the better they will be at getting the maximum benefit from it.  Also if any safety issues have arisen, these also nee to be addressed. In fact safety  issues should have priority over everything else. No-one likes a dead client or techie.

So get the duster, screwdrivers out and make your workplace better.


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