And just a little bit more Fun

The Worst Ideas for Musical Sequels

Compiled from
o Goodbye, Dolly!
o You’re Not As Good As We Thought, Charlie Brown
o Dogs
o Mr. Saigon
o Les Contented
o Sunlight Local
o The Warlocks of Westwick
o Nothing Stays!
o The Averagerticks
o Beauty and the Prince
o Slut Bastards from Uranus
o Anonymity
o City of Devils
o 42nd Street AD (After Disney)
o Titanic II: The Salvage Operation
o The After Life
o Guys & Dolls & Guys: The Sexual Revolution Years
o Gypsy II: Herbie’s Revenge
o A Tree Gets Chopped Down in Brooklyn
o How to Succeed in Business Without Really Standing Trial
o Carnival II: Paul & Lili & Bert & Ernie
o Naughtier Marietta
o Babes in Arms in Toyland (a joint sequel)
o Fiddler Down the Chimney
o Gentlemen Prefer Gentlemen
o She Loves Me Not
o On a Cloudy Day You Have Limited Vision
o Seven Brats for Seven Breeders
o “‘No’ Means ‘No’,” Nanette
o I Can Get It For You on EBay
o Ain’t Misbehavin’ Without A Condom
o The Fuller Monty
o SummerTime for Mussolini
o Victor/Victoria’s Secret
o 1777
o Aging Mary Sunshine
o The Music Couple
o Out of the Woods
o Checkers
o Rocky Annoying Show
o Fiddler Off the Roof (or worse – Violinist on the Roof)
o How to Fail in Business
o Start the World! I Want to Get Aboard!
o Mo’ Hair
o A Little Case of the Clap (Night Music II)
o Monday in the Slammer With George
o Candidn’t
o The Apartment Went Condo
o The Woman of La Mancha
o Brigadoonesbury
o The Directors
o Annie Get Your Gun Registered
o Nothing Funny Happened on the Way to the Forum
o Joseph and the Black and White Dreamcoat
o The Sound of Muzak
o A Chorus Line of Disapproval
o The Not So Fantasticks
o How to Succeed in Politics Without Really Trying
o Jesus Christ Regular Guy


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