More Holiday Humour

The List 0f Many Things…

1.Basic black is always a good fashion statement.
2.Wait for it! Don’t move until you are told to.
3.Mass + Gravity : “Can I get some help here?”
4.Work together, it’s heavy alone.
5.When someone is running around naked, it’s not polite to stare.
6.If you don’t know what it does, don’t touch it. Ask.
7.Tormentors and Teasers don’t just hang on a batten.
8.If you get caught in the light don’t be a deer! Keep moving.
9.If it looks good or sounds good let the person doing it know.
10.If it doesn’t work, check to see if it’s turned on.
11.Move quietly, so as not to disturb others.
12.Don’t sit on the props.
13.If a pipe is coming at your head, move!
14.When it’s wrong, don’t point fingers — Fix it!
15.Know which way your going before it gets dark.
16.Never remove the tape; it might be there for a reason.
17.Always put it back where it belongs.
18.After the fat lady sings, give her a hand.
19.Be nice, they’ll probably be back next year.
20.As soon as you think you’re done, check to make sure you haven’t forgotten something.
21.When you’ve got your list memori2ed, check it anyway.
22.Make sure there is plenty of water.
23.Try to make sure that nothing gets snagged.
24.The heavy box gets stacked on the bottom, the lighter box on top.
25.If it has wheels, use them.
26.Props department is not there to clean up after you.
27.Even if you spatter a little paint it can still be called art.
28.Always carry you’re tools, you never know when you might need them.
29.Just when you are sure you’re too tired to do anything else, the show starts.
30.If it’s not done with smoke and mirrors, then it’s props!
31.Mr. Fields was right, never work with kids or animals!
32.Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
33.As soon as the show starts you’ll need to go the bathroom.
34.Don’t let the songs from 20 rehearsals drive you insane.
35.Know where your fingers and toes are.
36.It’s not “whoa”. It’s not “Ho”. The word is… ” Stop”.
37.The more trucks they have, the less talent they have….
38.Backstage is the only place you will hear somebody say
“Turn off those lights I can’t see.”, or
“Put some more weight on that, it’s too heavy.”..
39.Never let a show get in the way of a good story.


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