Holiday Humour for Techies

Fam0us Techie Last W0rds…

“It’s not that large of a jump.”
“See how stable this is, I can jump on it.”
“Is that fire?”
“Where is Annie?”
“Is the power off?”
“Is that the fire alarm?”
“The curtain will not open!!!”
“What is that sound?”
“I did turn the sound on.”
“I did turn the lights on.”
“I did turn the sound/lights off.”
“What does this do?”
“Mr. Director, Sir, I can’t make it on the night of the show.”
“Why is it doing that?”
“I forgot my mini-mag light.”
“Sorry about that cue.”
“What do you mean we changed that?”
“What’s this for?”
“Sure it’s safe, I wired it myself!”
“Of course they’re on the same phase!”


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