Christmas Wish List

Well the season of good cheer is upon us. We are winding down for the holiday season, so what you want to be put into the Christmas stocking that you have pinned to the proscenium arch of your venue? I am sure we are always looking at the various online sites, catalogues and magazine ads and wishing for a nice bit of kit. Weather it is for you or the venue, it is something that you think is going to make life a easier and/or more fun.

So what is on my wish list? How long is a piece of string.


For me a Jands Vista T-4 running Byron would be my ideal present. I love this desk and interface. User friendly and does not require a steep learning curve.


Now digital console would be a wonderful Christmas present. Now the choice for me is either a Soundcraft VI6 or an Allen & Heath iLive T-112. The SoundCraft is a large format console with some very nice features but for me the ILive T-112 just wins out. It is a nice intuitive layout that is nicely accessible.


Here there is one winner only and that is Vectorworks Spotlight. This is an extremely versatile piece of software that is great for designing your next lighting rig.


And then there are the stocking fillers like Gerbers, Leathermans, iPhone apps. The list here is to large to mention.

So tell what you would love to receive for the Holiday season?


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