Where is your equipment built

I, as most of us, often check out what is on offer in eBay in the way of entertainment equipment. you may also get random emails from companies. I am sure that you have also noticed that a lot if it is unknown brands. And if you look closely it does look like some well known brand but with a different logo on the front. This applies to both lighting and audio equipment. You then look at the price and the gears in your mind start to turn over as you think – gee that is cheap, maybe i should buy a few. But is this such a good idea.first of all there is a good change that you are not going to be able to audition the piece of equipment to see if it does live up to your expectations. It looks all ok in the pictures and the specs all seem good. In this day and age when you purchase a new piece of kit there is a good chance that is was built in china.

But I suggest that you look carefully at the piece of gear that you are thinking about purchasing. Does it look familiar? If it does there is a good chance that it is a copy. Now it may be a good copy or a bad copy. There is know way of knowing until you have in front of you. Also you are never to sure of the quality of the components and the quality of the workmanship gone into putting the product together. We have all heard of the horror stories of the cheap piece of equipment that has been imported and it does not work. Trying to get it repaired would be a nightmare. This would be especially true if you are importing it yourself from an overseas Asian country.  But the same could be said if you bought it from an Australian company and it goes wrong, will the supplier be able to repair or replace, you never know. Also another thing to factor into the equation, if it is a copy, are they licensed to produce the product. If they are not and suddenly the genuine company decides to get tough through the legal system what is going to happen to all of the people that own the fake products, are they going to lose their equipment. And finally but not necessarily least, does the equipment actually comply with Australian regulations. I have seen some of the equipment that has come in from China and it does not have compliance plates. So in effect it is illegal for it to be sold. It all needs to be checked and a compliance certificate issued and affixed to the unit before it can go on the market. So if you do have some of this cheap stuff you need to check if it is truly legal. If not you could be liable if someone is hurt using the equipment, especially if you hire it out to the general public.

So buyer beware, you maybe buying more than crap. I suggest you buy from a reputable company. You might pay a lot more but you will have a piece of equipment that is going to give you many years of service and be legal.



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