Powepoint and other AV issues

These days we often have to operate a clients PowerPoint slide show. And how many times have we had to modify it to make it work the way that the client actually wants. I have often been presented with a show on a stick that you start running only to find that the client has not allowed for variations in screen sizes, to much info is on the screen and the colours are so vivid a colour blind person can see them. And this is only the beginning of it. There is often no black slides at the beginning or the end of the show. Some events I might be presented with 2 or 3 shows, therefore I have to spend time combining the shows into one show. This making my life a lot easier. So if you are going to use PowerPoint make sure you spend time on making the presentation, a rushed jobs looks like a rushed job. Make sure you are at the venue with plenty of time to make sure it runs, don’t expect the technician to run it as well as run lights and audio. Most venues will have a PowerPoint remote, or have the slides automatically change, just be sure you have rehearsed with it. there is nothing worse than a slide show that is out of sync with the presenter.

PowerPoint is often not the 0nly requirement that a client might want to present. I often get asked to play DVD’s, mp3’s, avi’s etc. Now this can take some work, and often there is not enough time to really get this all together. This is because most clients turn up at the last minute asking to play this or that. Now it your venue it not set up to do this all at once, it then becomes very tricky and you spend precious time re-routing cables and trying different setting to try and get it working and running smoothly.

You nee to make sure that clients know the limitations of your venue’s AV set up and it would be a good idea for them to bring in all of the stuff that they intend to present and test it to make sure that it all works and looks ok. Nothing worse when they bring in a file to play and you do not have the right codec to play their file, and you have no way of downloading the right codec as your PC you use to play files is not connected to the net for obvious reasons.


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