ARIA’s – why?

Well I tried to watch the ARIA’s tonight. It was so embarrassing. Such a contrast from a country that produces great talent that produced brilliant opening ceremonies. What the hell were they thinking and smoking when they put this event together. Surely on paper it must have looked like a bad idea. I tried to watching it with an open mind but my brain was not happy. The lighting was average – lets throw the microphone’s shadow over the presenters face from underneath, the audio painful at times(might have been live). The whole event looked messy, nothing looked coordinated. Did they forget to hire a designer?.And why do we have to keep bringing in “stars” from overseas. This is the “Australia Recording Industry Awards” , get Australian stars.

And the presenters were truly awful as well, talk to the camera not over it, the camera is the audience, interact with them.You are meant to engage the audience not talk over them. Some of the choreography was ok, but I have dance schools do more original stuff. This is possibly Australia’s worst ever award event, a chook raffle would be better looking. The whole event was a mishmash of poorly thought out ideas, a work in progress that should have stayed crumpled up in the waste basket. If I was one of the tech’s working on this event I would not have wanted my name mentioned. It certainly would not have appeared on my resume.

If we are going to do award nights lets try and do it with some sense of style. Lets hope we learn from this poor attempt. We can do better.


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