Jands Instal the first Cablenet System in Australia

Jands have recently installed the first Cablenet system in Australia. This virtual floor gives technicians unprecedented access to lighting and audio equipment without the use of catwalks, lifters or ladders. This is an exciting product that is now available in Australia for the first time.

The State Theatre Centre of Western Australia has recently installed two Cablenet systems.  The STC will have a 575 seat theatre, the “Heath Ledger Theatre”, and the 234 seat flexible venue, “Studio Underground”. This complex which is nearing completion and expects to be open late 2010.

The Cablenet system is a tension wire grid which provides safe high level access platforms for theatre technicians. This rather unique access system is basically a woven grid of 3mm high tension, carbon black wire rope that you can walk on. There is a maximum point load of 250kg to a square metre, which is equivalent of 2 technicians carrying a load of 50kgs between them. This means that the complete Cablenet grid can carry a full lighting and audio crew as they safely rig overhead. As you can see from the image that the need for Elevated Work Platforms and ladders can be eliminated. Those contemplating building new venues seriously need to look at this system of access to lighting and audio equipment.

The main benefits of the Cablenet Tension Wire Grid systems are the low maintenance, safe work environment, no shadows are cast, and fall arrest and safety harness’s are not required to be worn under normal use. It also protects against falling equipment.

Jands have also just completed their second install of the Cablenet system into the Sydney Catholic Vocational College.

For futher information we suggest that you contact Jands direct.

Cablenet Install


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